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Published by Published on August 21, 2008

Hey Abbie fans! I wanted to apologize for not updating in more than a week, I’ve been busy. So, because you waited so long, you’ll have a big gallery update today.

First of all, we have screencaps of the whole “Nim’s Island” DVD (including its extras), which you can see here. Thanks so much to the very amazing Josh! And make sure you buy your copy of the DVD, because this movie it’s amazing. =P

Esmee kindly donated two scans of Girlz! Magazine, that feature Abigail in “Nim’s Island”. The scans include an interview, which Esmee translated for us! =P

Do you get invited for a premiere every week?
I do get a lot of invitations and there are a lot of premieres that I would love to go to. But my parents think I’m too young for that. I can only go if I was in the movie. And I’ve been to the Oscars, that was very cool. Everyone was wearing these beautiful dresses and I was just walking in between!
Conclusion: superstar!

Do your parents treat you like a superstar at home?
Haha, I think my mom will find this very funny when she reads this. I really shouldn’t even think about acting like a superstar, I’d be grounded in a second. My parents don’t want me to feel like I’m better than other kids just because I’m in movies, so I have my own choirs around the house. I have to make my bed every day, feed my turtle, dogs and kitten, and I have to put out the garbage. I love vaccuming (sp) and doing the laundry, so I often ask my mom if I can help her with that.
Conclusion: completely normal!

Do you have caviar and sushi and other chique celebritymeals for diner every day?
Ew, I’d rather save the raw fish for Friday, the sealion on the set of Nim’s Island. Personally I love french fries and macaroni with cheese, made by my mom. And I like to cook myself as well, and if I do I make my secret recipe: sandwich with peanut butter and jelly. Everybody loves it!
Conclusion: completely normal!

Do you have a personal tutor like other teenstars?
Because I’m on set a lot, me and my brother Spencer have a tutor. But that doesn’t mean we can just lay around all day, we have to do a lot of homework. One good thing is that I never have to get up early for the schoolbus, haha.
Conclusion: superstar!

Do you have time to do fun things like other 12-year-old girls do?
Yeah sure, I’m not working all the time. Just yesterday I had a sleepover with my best friends. We ordered Chinese and watched The OC all night. And when I’m working on a movie, I always try to think of fun stuff to do with the other kids on set. Like, we lock ourselves in the dressing room, we put out all the lights, and then we tell each other scary stories.
Conclusion: completely normal!

Is there a famous hotty that you would want as your future boyfriend?
I do have a secret crush on someone, but I’m not gonna tell you who it is, what if he reads this! (giggles) But I’m only twelve, so I don’t need a boyfriend for now. I think love is way to complicated and I don’t get why adults always have to make it so hard. Besides, I’d rather do fun stuff with my friends than with a boy, most of them are just so childish!
Conclusion: completely normal!

Do you have a creditcard to spend all of those millions you earn?
No, that would be pretty stupid, because then I wouldn’t have anything left for college. My parents put all of the money on the bank, to be honest I don’t even know how much I earn. I get 12 dollars of pocket money per week and I have to buy everything with that: cd’s, juwelry, candy, songs from iTunes…
Conclusion: completely normal!

Do you only wear expensive design clothes now?
As you can see: today I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and those are actually my favorite clothes to wear. I don’t need design clothes, I only feel uncomfortable wearing them, because everything is so expensive and you can’t get dirt on it. But I do really enjoy dressing up for a premiere, it’s like I’m going to a costume party.
Conclusion: completely normal!

Do your friends treat you differently now that you’re famous?
Not at all, to them I’m just Abbie. When I tell them I’m gonna do a new movie, they’ll say: Oh that’s nice, but let’s talk about the new Jonas Brothers music video now. Sometimes I feel a little strange when I go to one of my own movies wit them. My head always looks so big on the screen and I’m afraid they’ll think I’m a drama queen.
Conclusion: completely normal!

Do you have your phone with you all day every day like Paris Hilton?
Oh yeah, I can’t be one minute without my cell phone! When I’m filming a movie, I’m on the phone with my friends in between takes all the time, because I want to know exactly what they are doing at school. And I’m also addicted to texting. Fortunately my parents understand I miss my friends, so they never complain about my high phone bills.
Conclusion: superstar!

Thanks to Lee and Heidur, we have some new candid photos of Abbie. Also, we added a behind the scenes photo of Abbie in “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” posing with David Cook! Last, but certainly not least, we have 13 new pics of Abbie at the Jonas Brothers Concert. Thanks Seb, Danii and Brooke!

Click these previews to see the new pictures.

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