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Published by AMC Published on February 20, 2023 Leave a comment?

Abigail Breslin attended the premiere of her new movie Miranda’s Victim held at The Arlington Theatre, during the 2023 Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Wednesday (February 8) in Santa Barbara, California.
Also in attendance was her husband Ira Kunyansky and her co-stars, newlyweds , Emily VanCampJosh BowmanRyan PhillippeMireille EnosLuke WilsonAndy GarciaSebastian Quinn and Enrique Murciano, as well as director Michelle Danner.

 “Trish Weir (Breslin),  who in 1963 was kidnapped and brutally raped by Ernesto Miranda (Quinn). Committed to putting her assailant in prison, Trish’s life is destroyed by America’s legal system as she triggers a law that transforms the nation. Her case notably results in the establishment of the Miranda rights afforded to criminal suspects taken in police custody, to ensure the admissibility of statements made during interrogation, as part of subsequent criminal proceedings.”

I have updated the gallery with photos from the premiere. You can also watch videos from interviews on the red carpet and discussion below.

MirandasVictim_WorldPremiere_SantaBarbaraInternationalFilmFestival_Outside_Arrivals_February.jpg MirandasVictim_WorldPremiere_SantaBarbaraInternationalFilmFestival_Outside_Arrivals_February.jpg MirandasVictim_WorldPremiere_SantaBarbaraInternationalFilmFestival_Outside_Arrivals_February.jpg MirandasVictim_WorldPremiere_SantaBarbaraInternationalFilmFestival_Outside_Arrivals_February.jpg

MirandasVictim_WorldPremiere_SantaBarbaraInternationalFilmFestival_Arrivals_February_28329.jpg MirandasVictim_WorldPremiere_SantaBarbaraInternationalFilmFestival_Arrivals_February_28529.jpg MirandasVictim_WorldPremiere_SantaBarbaraInternationalFilmFestival_Arrivals_February_28829.jpg MirandasVictim_WorldPremiere_SantaBarbaraInternationalFilmFestival_Arrivals_February.jpg

FilmmakerSeminar_SantaBarbaraInternationalFilmFestival_February_2023_28229.jpg FilmmakerSeminar_SantaBarbaraInternationalFilmFestival_February_2023_28329.jpg FilmmakerSeminar_SantaBarbaraInternationalFilmFestival_February_2023_28729.jpg FilmmakerSeminar_SantaBarbaraInternationalFilmFestival_February_2023_28929.jpg

World Premiere Of “Miranda’s Victim” during the 2023 Santa Barbara International Film Festival Opening Night in Santa Barbara, California | Outside Arrivals | February 8

World Premiere Of “Miranda’s Victim” during the 2023 Santa Barbara International Film Festival Opening Night in Santa Barbara, California | February 8

Filmmaker Seminar during the 38th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival in Santa Barbara, California | February 9